Transforming communities with the love of God


Since 2003 we have been visiting Ethiopia to help with leadership training and church planting work there, alongside Teklu and Selam Wolde, a couple who are at the very forefront of work amongst people groups as yet unreached by the good news of Jesus Christ. They have built (together with funds we helped raise here at Wellspring Church) a Missionary Training Centre that has fuelled the sending of over 150 well-trained missionaries all over East Africa.

We are confident that our financial support (through salary provision) and our commitment to send a team annually to teach in the training centre, is making a lasting difference in that part of the world.

The good news about Jesus crosses every boundary and is breaking through every barrier in powerful ways. What a joy to support an apostolic ministry in this way!

Ethiopia 'GO' team 

We have an exciting opportunity to go be a part of this great ministry in the autumn.  Do you want to help teach and prepare students at the Missionary Training Centre?  You can apply to be a part of the team going 18-26 November, 2018.  To find out more, please read the information and application packet, which you can download here

If you are interested in gathering with others to pray for this ministry, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..