Transforming communities with the love of God

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Students & Young Adults

We are incredibly blessed to have some amazing young adults in our church family. Our desire is to make sure these young adults are connected (to), encouraged (in) and engaged (with) the vision of Wellspring Church; to see communities transformed with the love of God. 

There are regular social events throughout the year where you can connect with one another, and plenty of opportunities to get enagaged with what the church is doing on Sundays and in our community. Also, we're always keen to see how we can encourage you to grow in your faith and help you in your walk with God amongst the busyness, and sometimes confusing aspects of life.

Who is a "young adult"? Good question! We generally have two age-brackets in mind here; 18-early 20's (Students) and then early 20's to early 30's (Post-
Students, Young Professionals, Young Families, Singles, Etc). We're not too strict, but the best thing to do is chat with our Young Adults Leader, Ben and he can give you some more info.

Ben is always up for a chat...he can often be found in one of the many great coffee shops in Watford and there's always a spare chair kicking around if you ever fancy a cuppa. To keep up to date with our Young Adult socials, it's best to sign up to Ben's mailing list via the form below and follow the S / YA Instagram (link also below). Alternativly, grab Ben on a Sunday or drop him an email or call anytime via his contact details, also listed below. 

If you are a student and want to connect with fellow students, share prayer requests or just partake in some excellent banter, join our Student Facebook Group

Ben for web.jpg      Ben's Contact info:        iconmonstr-instagram-10-240.png   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   iconmonstr-phone-9-240.png   01923 331382 (ask for Ben)