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Wellspring App

In this digital age, whether we are thrilled about the pace of change or not, so much communication and connection is happening on touch-screens of all sizes from smartphones to tablet computers.

With help from our friends at Divine Ideas, we now have a Wellspring Church App (search for it on iTunes and Google Play!) that is packed full of features including:

  • Podcast player with easy access to the latest sermons
  • Easy link to donate 
  • Easy link to our leaders' blog
  • Diary and Rota Reminders counting down when you are next volunteering
  • Sign up to serve as a volunteer
  • Login function for people who are signed up on the iKnow software
  • Keep your details up to date, even tell others when you’re on holiday/not able to serve on your teams

Google Play link: Google play

Apple store link: app store