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The Welcome Lunch

Welcome Lunch GraphicAn invitation to grow together

If you’re new to Wellspring Church you’ve met some people, looked around, maybe even enjoyed meeting God and others in a few of our services (we hope so!)… so what's next?

Well, we have a great way of helping you discover if Wellspring is meant to be your ‘spiritual home’.  Being a fruitful part of a church is about much more than meetings. More than attending services or even dipping in and out of some of our ministries. We believe that each of us are like plants that God wants to grow – we enjoy life most, and bear the most fruit, when we are firmly planted, rooted in good soil. We reckon his Plan A is to carefully place each person in a local church where they can be loved, nurtured, challenged, developed and supported. The Welcome Lunch is an informal, inspiring and engaging afternoon, aimed to help newcomers find their feet and discover more about our vision and values as a church. If you come along, expect good food, good conversation, friendly people, some presentation bits from Tim and Helen Roberts, and a chance to get to know others. Some people come to The Welcome Lunch and decide Wellspring Church is definitely not their spiritual home. That’s fine, at least it has helped them decide.
Oh, and one more important thing – if you are already planted in a local church where you are growing, and more importantly where God has planted you, stay put and trust Him to help you enjoy the fruits of your church family and commitment.
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