Transforming communities with the love of God

Senior Leadership Team

One deep conviction we hold is that the reason for leadership in a local church is to uphold and encourage the ministry of the people – not the other way round. Everyone should be involved in a full-time ministry of sorts – at home, at work, in the community – and it is the leaders’ job to invest in, support, encourage and inspire people to grow into who God made them to be.

Our leadership structure is pretty simple – we have a Senior Leadership Team that prayerfully and diligently oversees the vision, values and direction of Wellspring Church, and a team of Directors who carry legal responsibility for everything we do, serving as Company Directors and Charity Trustees.


  • TimwebTim is our Senior Minister, and is married to Helen Roberts. They have three enthusiastic children and have lived in the Watford area since the mid-1990s. Together with Helen Tim has been leading Wellspring Church since 1998, and his main role is to provide strategic and visionary leadership to Senior Leadership, and to the church as a whole, through inspirational preaching, leadership development and key decision making… all of this with the wholehearted desire to see God’s life, power, growth and fruit all over the place!

    Tim serves in a number of wider leadership roles in the area including Fire Service Chaplain, Chair of Christians Across Watford and Patron of New Hope. Tim is a keen Watford fan and a lifelong Norwich City supporter who loves family barbecues, early mornings, gym visits, design, photography, good movies, inspiring books and long evenings with good friends. In 2014 he was presented with the Mayor's Award for Community Leadership in Watford and in 2015 his first book was published. The Power of One, about the power of Christian Unity to change homes and communities. Since then he has co-authored (with Helen) No More Friendly Fire, a call to end the gender war in the Church.

    Follow him on Twitter: @TimRoberts_1


  • StaffHelen Helen is our part-time Executive Minister, and is married to Tim Roberts. They have three enthusiastic children and have lived in the Watford area since the mid-1990s. Since 1998 Helen has shared the joy and challenges of leading Wellspring Church with a passionate commitment to see our vision become a reality.

    Helen serves on the Senior Leadership Team and her role as Executive Minister sees her overseeing the pastoral care team and the staff team, encouraging our staff in their roles to mobilise scores of volunteers engaged in our many life-changing ministries. Helen is an inspiring communicator who loves to help people step into greater freedom as followers of Christ. She has written three 40-day devotionals (published by River) - Be VictoriousBe Fruitful and Be Joyful which are all written to equip the Church to glean daily from powerful Scripture reading. Helen also co-authored (with Tim) No More Friendly Fire, a call to end the gender war in the Church.

    She enjoys time with her family, good books, regular exercise and holidays.

    Follow her on Twitter: @HelenRoberts_1

  • Davidweb

    David serves on our Senior Leadership Team and is also our Children and Youth Minister. He is married to Hannah and they live in central Watford. His inspiring ministry leading both the Community Kids and Community Youth teams brings truth to life in the hearts and minds of all those under 18. David is passionate about seeing a generation of young people raised up who are confident because God loves them and mission-minded because God sends them. With this vision in mind, David visits local schools and equips various teams who hold events and groups for kids and youth on Sundays and midweek.

    David loves food (of almost any variety!), time with family and friends, action movies, games, a variety of sports, anime and most things Oriental.

  • Dan SLT
    Dan is married to Helen and they live in North Bushey with their three young children. Dan joined the Senior Leadership Team as a Ministry Leaders in October 2017 and is employed part-time as our Congregation Leader for North Bushey. He is a fully trained Physiotherapist and continues to working part-time in the private sector after many years in the NHS.

    Dan is a dedicated leader, bringing a love for God's word and His people to light in his leadership of our newest congregation. He's an enthusiatic sports fan and keeps fit by running or cycling wherever he can! 
  • Madgy small
    Magdy joined the Senior Leadership Team as a Ministry Leader in September 2015. From Egypt, he has served in the UK for a number of years bringing wisdom, ministry experience and a passionate heart for people to encounter God in prayer and devotion.

    Magdy and his wife Suzy work hard to support the Arabic-speaking churches in London, yet their primary focus is on mobiling missional leaders and churches. This includes helping UK churches become more effective in outreach amongst people from the Arab world and equipping UK teams to respond effectively to the Syrian refugee crisis. Magdy and Suzy live in Bushey with their three children.
  • kevin Gomez SLTbKevin is a Wellspring Church veteran! He and his wife Catherine have been pillars in our church family for decades and have served in so many areas of our ministry. Kev joined the Senior Leadership Team as a Ministry Leader in October 2017.

    He is a train driver who loves people and brings a smile wherever he goes. His love for life includes great skills in the kitchen, a warm and welcoming pastoral nature and a passion for the things of God.
  • SLTJo
    Jo and her husband Alex (also on the Senior Leadership Team) have been members of our church family since 1998. Since that time Jo has served on a number of our teams, not least in our Kids and worship teams.

    Jo works professionally as a teacher and serves voluntarily on our board of Directors. She brings with her a prayerful, wholehearted devotion to God and to desire to see the vision of Wellspring Church become a reality - near and far - with clarity and determination.  
  • SLTAlex
    Alex is married to Jo (also on the SLT as a Director) and over many years of dedicated service here he has served as a worship leader, Community Group leader and for over a decade now, as a member of our Senior Leadership Team.

    Alex is an IT consultant and lends his professional expertise to our handling of finances, due diligence with data protection and other legal matters, with a passionate desire to see transformation through every aspect of Wellspring's ministry.  
  • Nikki SLT
    Nikki and her husband Jonathan have been part of Wellspring Church since the early 1990s and she is well placed to serve on our team having served as an administrative staff member for many years.

    Nikki has decades of experience in working with volunteers, organising church events, with a special focus on supporting our Flourish women's ministry and she has travelled overseas to support our work amongst women in Burkina Faso. 
  • paul
    Paul is married to Tracey (also on our board of Directors) and they have lived in West Watford for decades! He is a senior Planner for Watford Borough Council and through his work has been able over the last three decades to help shape the built envirnoment of our town.

    Paul has served on our board of Directors for a number of years and brings with him an especial focus on caring for our staff team, liaising with HR consultants to ensure we are excellent in our employment of staff time and talents.
  • nathan siebu Nathan Siebu and his wife Vivian have been members of Wellspring Church since 2016. He is a corporate accountant and brings his professional talents to light in his work as our volunteer Treasurer.

    Not only is Nathan good with numbers and able to bring accurate reports to our board of Directors, but he is also passionate about our overall cause as a church family, volunteering on a number of teams and leading by example in prayer and service.

Apostolic Advisors

We believe that all leaders need to be led, and every local church should seek out and be open to ‘apostolic’ ministries. What does this mean? Well, it’s about asking for experienced, gifted leaders to ‘say what they see’ and speak into the lives of our Senior Leadership Team and the decisions they make, using their wisdom and experience to help us see our vision become a reality.

So who are these leaders?

  • ApostolicJohnDawn

    John and Dawn Andrews have years of experience in full-time Christian leadership, with various leadership roles in churches and Christian education.

    John is a gifted Bible scholar and communicator and he gives us wisdom and advice with regard to our spiritual growth as a church.

    With a PhD in Pentecostal theology and a wide range of experience, John has written over a dozen books (his latest being Extravagant). John's wife Dawn is a strong and gifted leader, drawing on her own studies and years of senior church leadership experience. They have three children, Elaina, Simeon and Beth-Anne.

  • simonjarvisSimon Jarvis is the Senior Pastor of One church, Gloucester. He and his wife Ally have been active in senior church leadership for many years, and their more recent leadership of One Church has seen them establish a thriving multi-site church family with congregations in 5 different locations in the West Country, and Africa, too!

    Simon is a strong leader with years of experience in raising up young, transformational leaders, and his work as an Apostolic Advisor here at Wellspring is focused on our leadership development work.
  • ApostolicPeterMariette For many years Peter and Mariette Stott led Portsdown Community Church, which was planted into Havant in 1982. Since retiring form this position, they have ministered with local churches in different nations, bringing mature and strategic gifts of prophecy and pastoral care; God uses them very often to speak clearly and incisively into personal and local church contexts. We have enjoyed the fruits of this ministry at Wellspring Church, with a very specific word of prophecy in 2003 about wells and springs, a vision that was remarkably fulfilled in the building of The Wellspring seven years later. As longstanding friends of ours, we are grateful for Peter and Mariette’s support and input as pastors available for prayer and offering wisdom to Tim and Helen Roberts and our SLT/staff teams.