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Be Joyful (Helen Roberts)

Be Joyful (Helen Roberts)


Most of us want our lives to be more happy than sad, but joy can seem elusive. How do we get real joy? Be Joyful is a 40-day devotional journey exploring what it means to live through hardships and trials with a real and lasting joy.  

Helen - Be Joyful from Tim Roberts on Vimeo.

Mark Jobe (New Life Community Church, Chicago):

"With insight and daily application, Helen Roberts leads us on a 40-day journey of rediscovering and keeping our joy. If you are struggling to do that in this fast-paced, hectic, drama-filled world, this book is for you.:

Joel Holm:

"Don't just read this devotional, let God quench your thirst through it.:"

Dr John Andrews:

"By framing her meditations around the story of the 'Lost Sons', a pathway is illuminated that makes joy accessible to us all, with the possibility that His joy may become our strength."

Jo Naughton:

"Packed with powerful revelation that has the capacity to change your life. If you are dry or discouraged, this book will give you hope. If you are hungering for more of God in your life, each day will bring you closer to Him."