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Don't be nice, be kind!

be the best policy!  Some people may think you’re not being nice, but I want to stress you are kind. You've not been called to be nice; you've been called to be kind. So keep going!
Let me explain. I try living a life according to God’s word and best laid plans and design (and yes make mistakes along the way). But I’ve found when sharing about the way I live, the faith I have and the reasons behind the decisions I make, some have found it hard to swallow or accept. They then struggle to open up and share about their journey because I make them feel bad. (I know this because they’ve said so).
This sometimes makes me feel judgemental (which if I'm honest, could be the case sometimes), but more often than not, our KINDNESS does not appear NICE because people are convicted by the Holy Spirit.
Truth is we should never shrink back and just be nice to overlook a situation that we have been given permission to share revelation in.  We have to be real, we have to be kind and not go for the easy option of just being nice to please people. We have to accept as followers of Christ we will not always give off a nice aroma to people, but we should be the aroma of Christ which is a kind and pleasing fragrance to God. Join me as I trust that God is using us powerfully as we continue choosing to be KIND.
Niceness: overlooking truth to be loved.       (Puts the focus on loving yourself)
Kindness: the truth applied with love.           (Puts the focus on loving others)
David Dodwell
Children & Youth Minister