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He Rules Over Britannia!

Some further thoughts, briefer this time, ahead of Thursday's vote. (By Tim Roberts)

In my previous post I was trying to make the distinction between the eternal kingdom of God, and its unique dimensions compared to earthly empires. Of course, as political entities both Great Britain as a state and the European Union fall in the latter category. They are empires of men. They cannot in and of themselves be expected to declare and deliver the Kingdom of God because the source and nature of its power is tainted by our human desire for dominance and control. 

However, as members of the Church of Jesus the King of kings, we can and should be confident of the overarching power of the Kingdom of God. The ‘Kingdom of heaven’, as Matthew loves to describe it, is everlasting. Unshakeable, in fact. God’s kingdom has not been fully established on the earth. It has been inaugurated, it is ‘now here’ because of Jesus’ incarnation, and it is being extended one soul at a time until such a time as He returns.

The Church, the truly united nations, is an eternal body of people that have been joined together with a covenant promise: God’s pledge to redeem, forgive, restore, and renew completely. Even now we see a glimpse of the powerful potential of the Church to unite people around the throne of God’s grace, as a foretaste of Heaven itself. Heaven on earth. The Kingdom of God, now. He is sovereign over us and we pray that his Kingdom will come on the earth as it is in heaven. We accept His rule over Britannia and we pray that those from other nations will do the same.

So, when it comes to the vote on Thursday we as members of the Church can and should vote with confidence that the King is on the throne and that the nations are under his feet. As Isaiah prophesied, the suffering servant’s government and peace ‘will never end’. So the kingdom expands daily around the world, one healed heart after another.

How should we vote? According to our convictions about what will be best for the Kingdom of God, for the proclamation of that Kingdom and for the freedom of the Church to be the primary agents of this Kingdom in Britain and beyond.

How should we pray? Confidently, for the Kingdom of God to come in Britain and Europe according to God’s rule. Lord, let your Kingdom come!

How should we respond to the result? Confidently, unshaken, knowing that the place of the Church is established above and beyond any ballot box. We should also respond by continually ‘making every effort’ to keep the precious, world-changing unity of the Spirit.