Transforming communities with the love of God

Thinking of others as better

marriage had the potential to enable us to love God, love others and to love one another more. 

But here’s the thing… it’s not always easy to love.  I don’t think it comes as naturally as we imagine it to and we may not feel all that loving at times. That’s because love in its truest form is sacrificial; it costs us.

What I’ve realised from loving God, friends and Hannah, is that I have had to sacrifice in order to love them.  And what makes each of these relationships possible is that they have also sacrificed for me.  So that makes it work right? Even though honestly is still hard at times!

However, when we focus on the attitude of Christ, you see He loved and sacrificed Himself for those who did not love Him back, who wished evil on Him or even did evil to Him. Here’s the kicker… we are supposed to have the same attitude as Christ!

And finally, what blows my mind is that Jesus, the King of Kings; God incarnate, humbled Himself to think of others as better than Himself! So, if Jesus can lower himself, then surely I can too?!
Well, I can commit to trying. Please join me in eating some humble pie! :)

David Dodwell (Rev)
Kids & Youth Minister