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Congregational Leaders at North Bushey

The congregational leadership team was formed in 2016 and all the team members have served on it since the first meeting.

  • Dan SLT
    Dan is married to Helen and they live in North Bushey with their three young children. They have been part of the wider Church in Watford for most of their lives and since being married have loved serving the Church in various ways. Dan has served as the congregational leader for North Bushey since 2014, joining our staff team in 2016. He leads the North Bushey congregational leadership team with a heart to love the community, bringing a love for God's word and His people.

    Dan is a dedicated leader and joined the Senior Leadership Team as a Ministry Leader in October 2017; he longs for all people to grow in their relationship with Jesus. He is an experienced Physiotherapist and continues working part-time in the private sector after many years in the NHS. He loves to play all kinds of sport and is often heard analysing England’s latest defeat or Arsenal’s latest victory. He is also a keen runner and regularly competes in local races as well as the occasional marathon.

    Follow him on Twitter: @DanHarrison1998
  • LouiseTheobald175Louise lives in North Watford with her husband, Chris, and two children. She has a passion for leading children to know Jesus and serves in a variety of ways across the church in this way. On Sundays she is seen leading the youngest children’s group and organising the team to ensure there is an outstanding opportunity for the very youngest members of our congregation to hear about Jesus. During the week she helps out with the toddler group at North Bushey Baptist Church and loves to connect with people from all backgrounds.

    Louise is a trained counsellor and still continues to work alongside busy family commitments. If you ever visit the congregation and think you are speaking to Louise it is worth checking because she looks remarkably like her twin sister!

  • Judith 175Judith is married to Kelvin and lives in Garston with their dog. She brings a passion for helping people and on Sundays she is often seen setting up, welcoming people and listening to people’s concerns. She sits on the pastoral team across the church and has been part of ‘Go team’ trips to Burkina Faso, having first visited the continent of Africa when her son used to live in Ghana.

    She has three grown up children and loves spending time with her four grandchildren. Judith and Kelvin love caravan holidays and walking the dog and, since retiring from physiotherapy, she now volunteers in the Watford Peace hospice and Watford General on the spiritual and pastoral care team.