Transforming communities with the love of God

Community Links at North Bushey


The idea for a Community Association of North Bushey (CANB) originally came from the churches with a desire to bring the community together and get to know them. Since the early days there have been multiple community fairs, carol services, bake sales, quiz nights and more with a genuine sense of community spirit developing. There is now a committee, which Dan and other members of the church sit on, that plans each event and enables us as a church to meet and show love to them, whatever their perspective of church is.

Here is a direct link to their website:

Local church partnerships

All 3 churches in the area have a heart to reach the community. We work closely with Holy Trinity and North Bushey Baptist Church, along with CANB, to put on outdoor services twice per year, run toddler groups, after school activities and build relationships with the local schools. We also now meet in Holy Trinity’s building to co-lead their Sunday morning service. This is an exciting opportunity to show ourselves united in what God wants us to do in North Bushey. We believe this is all part of the transformation that God is bringing to North Bushey.