Transforming communities with the love of God

Outreach at North Bushey

  • Skip days - we regularly look to serve the community and we have invited them to throw away rubbish on us. We provide skips, litter pick and go to people’s houses who have a lot to get rid of or cannot get out themselves.
  • Toddler group - We help run and participate in the toddler group of North Bushey Baptist Church as we believe this is a great way of building relationships in the community. This has also led to conversations around parenting where we have been open about faith and its role in parenting.
  • After school club - We help run the after school club at Holy Trinity to help many children have a safe place to play after school. This is another great way to get to know people in the community.
  • Community Fair - This has been running every summer since 2014 and has got bigger and better each year. Hosted by CANB (Community Association of North Bushey) it provides a real opportunity to get the community together and have fun.
  • Church on the green - Since 2017 we have joined with the other churches to worship, pray and hear the good news of Jesus on the field, on the day after the Community Fair. It is getting bigger every year and is a great opportunity to share our faith with those around us.
  • Carols on the green - Since 2016 this has been well attended as people have got together to sing about the birth of Jesus on the community green. We are so thrilled to be able to take the message of Christmas outside the walls of the church.