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Welcome to Stevenage

In 2017 we were officially given responsibility to oversee, support, lead and ultimately see re-established a congregation in Stevenage which was previously the Stevenage AoG Pentecostal Church.

We are in the process of building a team and a ministry base at our mission house in the Chells area of Stevenage, with a view to bringing what we can to encourage spiritual renewal in that town. Whilst it is a small congregation at present, we recognise the members' big hearts and faith to see their church thrive and flourish again.

We usually meet on Sundays at our mission house in the Chells area of Stevenage.

We are distributing prayer cards, for responses by email, phone, post, or coming to our house - we have set aside 12-1pm on Sundays to pray. Please also pray for relationships developing in the local community cafe and pub, we love to share life and share Jesus with others.

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