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Sierra Leone

We have a long-standing partnership with an incredible woman, Georgiana Kargbo. We met her as she was preparing to return to the troubled city of Freetown after a terrible decade of atrocities.

Georgiana and her husband Desmond have an expanding ministry, through growing Christ our Anchor Ministries which has three congregations, based in Upper Allen Town, Orogu, an impoverished suburb of the capitol. In the past we have provided funds (for a new church building) and leadership support (through visiting teams) to help the church become even stronger.



Life is hard in Sierra Leone, and good education for children is very hard to come by. Georgiana’s second ministry is the Jewels School, an oasis of Christian education at a high standard, for those living in often desperately poor conditions. In 2017 the school was awarded the goverment's 'Gold Standard' with a 100% pass record. By academic measures Jewels Model Academy is the 13th most successful school in the most populous district in the country.

Here at Wellspring Church we underwrite the salaries for the teachers through the Operation Steadfast project, which also includes sending teams of our British teachers to come alongside their staff and encourage them to grow in their teaching skills.

We know that working in this desperate nation of broken hearts and stubborn, grinding poverty, is part of us ‘going’ as a church to show love to the poor as Jesus challenges us.

Funding the teachers’ salaries, investing in one-off capital projects (like adding classrooms, connecting the site to water) and sending teams is expensive, we are always looking for more support for this work so it can continue.

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Sierra Leone 'GO' team 

Our most recent team visited the Jewels Academy in April to continue to support and encourage the staff and students.  We were able to raise enough funds to build an IT Suite for the school.  The school now has laptops for students to learn IT skills.  The Suite includes a generator to power the 9 laptops, a printer, a projector, a camera, and a router that runs off the 4G mobile internet.  

If you want more information or are interested in gathering with others to pray for this ministry, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..