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We support the growing ministry of Michal and Lubi Kluciar who are church planting in their native Slovakia, in a town called Zlate Moravce (pronounced zlat-ay more-av-say). This is a heavily religious (Catholic) area, but very few have heard of the freedom that comes through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Michal and Lubi served with us in Watford for a number of years, and trained at the International Bible Training Institute. We later sent them back to Michal’s home town, in partnership with Miro and Martha Toth and their network of pentecostal churches, Krestanske Centrum. Since 2007 they have established a church family that has grown from their front room into the cultural Centre at the heart of their town.

As well as hosting Sunday services they continue a youth-orientated English language ministry, work in schools in local youth centres, amongst the gypsy community and they have growing influence in the local community.

We are so delighted to undergird their work with financial, prayer and practical support by sending teams to encourage them.

They have two children, Cristian and Nikki.

To watch a recent video update from Michal, click here for a link to it on our YouTube channel.


Slovakia 'GO' team 

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