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Greenhouse: growing fruitful leaders


Here at Wellspring Church we are aware of the need to invest time, energy and resources to raise up leaders who will be and bring good news to communities, businesses, and society as a whole. We are determined to raise up leaders who have a clear sense of vision and calling, know what it means to follow Christ through every challenge and live according to Jesus' teaching and example. 

To this end our vision is to train hundreds of leaders over the coming years through our 'Greenhouse' programme of courses and initiatives.

There is a Greenhouse Transformational Leadership Course starting September 2018  - click on the options below for more information.

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    What is this course?

    The Transformational Leadership Course (TLC) is for all those who want to explore their calling and gifts as a leader, whether within the local church or in the workplace/wider community.

    Jeremiah’s prophecy about those who bear fruit and have ‘green leaves’ even in a place of drought tells us they are fruitful because those who trust in the Lord have ‘roots that reach deep into the water’ (Jeremiah 17:7-8).

    This course is about helping leaders go deeper and establish patterns of loving, living and leading that bears fruit in all conditions and all seasons.

    The TLC includes a series of 9 inspiring, engaging classroom sessions which include a mixture of taught elements and group learning, together with home assignments and required reading. The course is facilitated by Tim Roberts and is based at The Wellspring Church Centre.


    There is a fee of £60 to cover the cost of course resources.  


    MODULE 1 (Autumn 2018)

    In the Footsteps of Jesus

    •    Monday 10th September, 7:45pm

    •    Monday 8th October 7:45pm

    •    Monday 12th November, 7:45pm

    We'll be looking at the life of Jesus our leader in terms of self-leadership and leading a team, including:

    •   Essential characteristics of a leader and different leadership styles

    •   Calling and how to identify your part in God's plan

    •   Vision and Strategy - confidently facing changes and challenges as a leader and how to help others do the same

    MODULE 2 (Spring 2019)

    The Leader's Life

    •    Monday 14th January , 7:45pm

    •    Monday 11th February, 7:45pm

    •    Monday 11th March, 7:45pm

    We'll be looking at growing and leading in spiritual disciplines, the foundation of a life spent serving God.

    •   A life of Prayer -  the dynamics of praise and devotion, how to grow a healthy prayer life as a leader close to God’s heart

    •   A life of Learning - the leader as a follower committed to grow ing in wisdom to serve others well

    •   A Life of Giving - what does it mean to be a leader who is wholehearted in worship, service and lives a generous life?

    MODULE 3 (Summer 2019)

    Leading in the Moral Maze

    •   Monday 13th May, 7:45pm

    •   Monday 10th June,  7:45pm

    •   Monday 15th July, 7:45pm

    We'll be looking at three of the biggest moral/ethical challenges we face today and how to use biblical principles of leadership to  respond to these challenges.

    •   Sexuality - leading in an age of confusion about gender and marriage; how to identify principles and lead others in making godly choices

    •   Technology - leading in an age of digital media, rapid change and life-changing technological developments; how to lead with clarity and simplicity

    •   Leading and Suffering:  - leading in the light of prevalent evil, suffering and chaos; how to approach the problem of pain and lead others to God's perspective

    All evenings start with registration at 7:45pm for a prompt 8:00pm start in The Wellspring Church Centre, WD17 2AH

    Students are expected to attend all sessions (notifying of unavoidable absence in advance) and fulfil course assignments in good faith.  

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    Here at Wellspring Church we are wholeheartedly committed to identifying embryonic leadership gifts amongst our teens and young adults and inviting them into a context of intenseive growth and development.

    The Greenhouse 'MFL' programme is an invitational training stream led by Tim and Helen Roberts. It will roll out in 2016 and consist of small-group character-building mentoring sessions, residential retreats and ministry opportunities in line with trainee's gifts and abilities.

    More information will be available soon!