Transforming communities with the love of God

What to expect on Sundays

A warm welcome awaits you here at Wellspring Church, whichever location you are visiting.

We do understand it can be a bit daunting to 'give church a try' and, even if you are a seasoned church-goer, stepping into a new church can make you feel a bit vulnerable. So, when you come to wellspring Church, what can you expect?

Firstly, expect to be in a room that has a mix of people in it - there will be some who are just like you (who you might naturally connect with) and it is pretty certain there will be plenty who have a different background/age/experience. For instance, we have over 40 nationalities in Wellspring Church. Expect variety, and we hope you learn to love it - it is part of who God made us to be as a church family.

Secondly, expect exuberant praise and worship alonside passionate prayer and preaching. The love of God is so profound, it moves us deeply and we often like to express that freely. This sometimes involves loud singing, dancing, waving banners (if there's room) and will usually lead in to preaching that brings the Bible's truths to bear on our daily lives. Here at Wellspring Church we expect this preaching to move us forward, to become more like the people God wants us to be. There is often a chance to respond to the preaching in prayer and worship.

Thirdly, expect one eye to be on the world outside. We enjoy gathering together on Sundays, and we expect God to do good things among us, but there is frequently an aspect of our services that will focus on our partnerships overseas, our local community work, an aspect of world affairs, and the challenge of seeing communities transformed with the love of God.

 More questions? See below...

What sort of church are you?

We are a mainstream church part of the Assemblies of God ‘Pentecostal’ movement. In fact, this movement is one of the largest and fastest-growing branches of Christianity in the world.

What this means is that we follow in the central traditions of the Christian Church, valuing the authority and truth of what the Bible teaches and preserving the nature of the Christian life as a relationship with God made possible because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. ‘Pentecostal’ churches teach that the life and power of the Holy Spirit that came at Pentecost (see Acts 1-4) is available and necessary for the church today.

I have Christian beliefs; why should I bother with church?

In the book of Hebrews we are encouraged to not neglect meeting together, but rather to gather to encourage and challenge one another to explore and live out our faith in community, and in the wider community. Christianity is not a religion of the individual, but rather a faith that thrives in community with other believers. If you have a belief in Christ and want to enjoy the fullness of what it means to be a Christian, we believe you will discover this most when you share your ‘journey’ of life with others. Find a church where you can belong and play your part; the church, the body of Jesus Christ, is one institution that will last forever.

Why are there so many churches in Watford?

For the last 800 years there has been a church in Watford, with St Mary’s being established in the 1200s A.D. Since then many different groups of Christians have been established reflecting the changing and growing traditions within the church, each ‘stream’ emphasising different aspects of Christian teaching and experience. Now there are over 40 different congregations in Watford, each with distinct ‘flavour’, areas of ministry and in different neighbourhoods. We believe, however, that God sees one Church in Watford, and that we must work together with other congregations with a spirit of humility and unity.

How long does your adult teaching last for?

Often the adult teaching slot lasts for 30–40 minutes. We believe that it is important to ‘get our teeth in’ to the Word of God and spend sufficient time studying it together. Though we live in a ‘fast-food’ culture, we believe that thorough and stimulating Bible study is like eating a good meal – it takes time to eat it, and even longer to digest.

What happens if I bring my children to church?

We start our Sunday services with all-age worship  The children and youth stay in for the first three quarters of an hour, they then will go to various groups according to their age. Our Kids and Youth Teams are available to help you and your children settle in to their group and make the most out of their time with us. Team members are police-checked as part of our Child Protection Policy. Check out more under Kids and Youth.

Why do people raise their hands in your services?

For a start, the raising of hands is not something everyone has to do, okay? It is simply a natural response for many people as part of praise and worship. You see a similar reaction when a football team scores a goal, or at a music concert. It’s the same as that, except what people are celebrating is the person and work of Jesus Christ, the joy of knowing we are loved, and as we lift our hands we are showing physically that we are submitted to God. Simple, eh?