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Dave Pennie

DavewebDave is our Finance & Charity Administrator. He is married to Rosie and they have 3 lively lads. As a result he has unexpected knowledge of F1, trains and a range of computer games and machines! They have been part of Wellspring since 2014 but have partnered with ongoing projects and known many in the church for much longer.

Dave has studied Economics, Politics, Theology and Accounting in 3 different locations. He has previously worked for 2 churches in 2 different counties in a range of roles. Born in Kent in the 1960's (just), he has lived in West Watford since 1997, although only expecting to stay 3 years.

An interest in family history led to the discoveries that his pre-deceased grandfather went to Watford Fields school and as seen on a wooden board in Watford museum went as a scholar into the Navy aged 13! Rosie’s dad and grandfather also went to Watford fields school at different times! Dave likes numbers, maps, making interesting connections, a good chat, natural history, reading biography, current affairs, and welcoming and helping people out.