Transforming communities with the love of God



The Wellspring Church Centre was God’s idea, a place set apart to bring spiritual and practical refreshing to local people, a place for many to find life in all its fullness. 

Now we need to extend… but why?

We recognise the need to see a bigger vision realised, as part of bold, town-wide transformation, in Jesus’ name. In the heart of Watford a place for passionate praise, Spirit-filled prayer and Truth-filled learning.

As a result of our trust in God, our dedication as a church family, and partnership with other agencies and investors, we will see an extension built that will create accessible, purpose-built rooms and services that:

  • Improve mental, emotional and spiritual health within our local community;
  • Enable children and young people to grow every day with confidence in their God-given purpose;
  • Build on our commitment to community groups and charities to help meet the diverse interests and needs of local people